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Ernst van Waning

Oprichter InfoMetrics
Motivated to find solutions to pressing problems, and very experienced in the fields of collecting data and analyzing them by means of multivariate statistical analysis and developing software. I have had clients in a wide range of research and development areas. I love to translate intuitions into working, efficient solutions.

As a student at the University of Leyden, I developed a new algorithm for monotone regression, an important part of multidimensional scaling, the software for which is still in use. This project was especially motivating, as it was about a serious problem for which I was able to create a new and optimal solution.

During my stay as researcher and teacher at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam, and at several universities in the Netherlands, I developed a rewriting system. This system, when used as a theorem prover, was 1,000 times faster than its competitors of the day. My teaching duties included semester lectures on programming and operating systems. What I like is to develop software that performs at the highest levels of reliability and efficiency, and to communicate and teach about such software. Improving the performance and stability of software, and communicating about this, has become one of my "trademark" specialties.

As manager of the systems and networking group at a large bank, I developed very accurate statistical models to predict the behavior of computers under various loads and application mixes. Overloaded computers present a problem for any organization, and this was a strong motivation for working on this model.

Driven mainly by my personal curiosity, I developed a system for ultra-accurate intrusion detection; to see how multivariate data analysis techniques perform in comparison to knowledge representation and reasoning techniques. Multivariate techniques for data analysis showed to work very well indeed.

As President of the Association of Lisp Users, one of my aims was to help organize the longest-running successful series of International Lisp Conferences. My main motivation quickly became to provide the leadership necessary in order to give other people the means to organize conferences in a structured way.

For automated Function Point analysis of text documents for information systems (written in Dutch), I developed a system that achieves the same or better accuracy than experienced FP analysts are able to produce, and which yields results in a fraction of the time humans would need.

"Solutions as business"

"Solutions as business"




 Motivated to find solutions to pressing problems.

 Very experienced in the fields of collecting data and analysing them by means of multivariate statistical analysis and developing software

 Motivated by my own curiosity